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Glasses Pressing On Your Temples? Try These Solutions

Having your glasses press into your temples day in and day out can lead to a lot of issues, from headaches to sore skin. While getting a new pair of glasses is one way to handle this, there other options if you're in a pinch or can't afford to buy a new pair of glasses right now. Here are some things you can try.

Adjust the ear pieces where they attach with screws.

If your glasses have a traditional style where the ear pieces are attached to the eye frames with a screw, you can adjust the angle of the cheek pieces with just a little screwdriver. Loosen the screw, bend the ear piece out a little bit at the joint, and then tighten the screw again. Do this on both sides, and then try the glasses on. You may need to make further adjustments to tighten or widen the glasses some more. Keep in mind that glasses only adjust to be so wide. If your ear pieces are adjusted as wide as they'll go and they're still putting pressure on your temples, you may have no choice but to buy a new pair of glasses ā€“ or try the other recommendations on this list.

Bend the backs of the ear pieces upward.

The problem might be that the backs of the ear pieces are a little too tight around your ears, pushing the whole pair of glasses back and causing the narrower front of the frames to press on your temples. You can try addressing this problem by bending the ear pieces upwards. Hold the middle of the ear piece, and then press upward on the end. Do this very carefully; if you feel too much resistance, stop before you crack the glasses.

If your frames are made from plastic, try holding them in front of a space heater or some other heat source before bending them. This might loosen up the plastic a little.

Tighten up the nose pieces.

If the nose pieces on your glasses are too far apart, the ear pieces may be "doing too much of the work" when it comes to holding your glasses on. To keep them from resting so firmly on your ears, try pushing the nose pieces of your glasses just a little closer to the center. This way, more pressure will be placed on your nose and less on your ears.

If you still have temple soreness after trying these solutions, talk to your eye professional like Wolcott Optical Service LC.