Pediatric Eye Care Tips That Parents Should Remember

If you're a parent, you should actively participate in your child's healthcare. That includes their eye health, which you can adequately manage if you remember the following care tips.  Schedule Routine Eye Exams Remember to schedule routine eye exams to ensure your child's eye health and vision are excellent. A couple of times a year is a great schedule, especially if your family has a history of eye-related problems.  During the eye exam, your child will read letters and numbers on charts. [Read More]

What Is Blue Light And Why Should You Protect Yourself From It?

Most people know that UV radiation is dangerous for their eyes and skin and thus take steps to protect themselves, like wearing sunglasses outdoors. But what about blue light? If you've heard of this term but don't know much about it, this guide will explain what it is and how it's dangerous for your vision. What It Is Blue light is simply a part of what makes up the spectrum of visible light. [Read More]

Three Ways To Get Your Child To Like Wearing Glasses

Convincing a child to wear glasses for the first time isn't always the easiest task. Many children feel embarrassed by wearing glasses because many of their peers don't. If you're going through a problem like this or are planning on getting your child their first pair of glasses and don't know what to expect, this guide can help you to find ways to make your child's first pair of glasses more appealing to them. [Read More]

4 Tips For Buying Designer Prescription Glasses

Looking your best will allow you to feel much more confident. If you need to rely on vision wear to see well, you'll want to be stylish. This will mean taking the time to find the ideal designer prescription glasses to suit your needs. There are many steps you'll want to take to make this possible, and relying on tried-and-true tips may help in this decision. 1. Select the frames [Read More]