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Three Ways To Get Your Child To Like Wearing Glasses

Convincing a child to wear glasses for the first time isn't always the easiest task. Many children feel embarrassed by wearing glasses because many of their peers don't. If you're going through a problem like this or are planning on getting your child their first pair of glasses and don't know what to expect, this guide can help you to find ways to make your child's first pair of glasses more appealing to them.

Let Them Choose

The first thing to consider here is that giving your child the freedom to choose their own glasses is likely to make them more interested in wearing them. It's all the same, ultimately ā€” as long as the glasses have prescription lenses that can improve your child's sight, then there's no harm in letting them choose the frames. This will give your child ownership over their glasses and may make them feel proud of them and thus more likely to wear them.


Lots of different kinds of glasses exist, from the size and shape of the frame to the color to the manufacturer. Let your child experiment with different varieties. If they have a favorite celebrity, consider looking to see if that celeb has a fashion line that produces glasses - many do!

Also, don't be afraid to let your child explore all the children's glasses that are available. Many of them come in charming color patterns and designs that appeal to children and will make them feel less self-conscious about wearing glasses for the first time. They also tend to feature smaller frames that look less overwhelming on a small face, so they become less noticeable to others than choosing an adult frame.


Lastly, make sure that you ask your optician about glare-free lenses. This type of lens is designed to minimize the amount of reflection that appears on the surface. This not only reduces the eye strain that your child experiences, but will also allow their eyes to show through their glasses, making them more presentable and approachable to other children.

Wearing glasses from an early age is a fact of life for some kids. It's important to include your child in the decision process and to let them choose what they can so that they feel like their glasses belong to them instead of you. Work with your optician to find the most appealing pair for your child and watch as they actually enjoy wearing them.

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