Three Lifestyle Changes That May Help With Chronic Dry Eye

If your eyes are chronically dry after having eye surgery or because of a condition like Sjogren's syndrome, then your eye doctor may use treatments like punctual plugs and prescription medications to increase tear production and keep your eyes more moist. However, if these treatments alone are not moistening your eyes to an acceptable degree, you may want to consider also making a few lifestyle changes that can help combat eye dryness.

Do Your Parents Have AMD? Start Protecting Yourself Now

Have one or both of your parents recently been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration? This disease does have a genetic component. So, as a child of someone with macular degeneration, your risk of developing the condition is higher than someone whose parents don't have it. That does not necessarily mean you're doomed to developing AMD, however. There are many lifestyle factors that can also contribute to the condition, so there are changes you can make to decrease your risk.